PART 1.2.1 – Workflow

Important commands

m0  – disabled merging and minification, this is a Vaimo specific command.

If merging and minification is not disabled, your local environment is VERY slow.

Remember to run after fetching db


Static and dynamic files?

Files that are used by the browser to render a page are considered “static”, e g CSS, frontend specific JS and images. Due to the folder structure in Magento 2, static files are not accessible by the browser. These files need to be (preprocessed and) copied to a specific folder, /pub, which is accessible from the outside.  

Static view files

A set of theme files that are returned by the server to a browser as is, without any processing, are called the static files of a theme. These include fonts, images, CSS content.

Dynamic view files

View files that are processed or executed by the server in order to provide a result to the client are referred to as dynamic files. These include .less files, templates, and layouts.

Key difference: Static vs. dynamic

The key difference between static files and other theme files is that static files appear on a web page as references to the files, whereas other theme files take part in the page generation, but are not explicitly referenced on a web page as files.

Public static files

Static view files that can be accessed by a direct link from the storefront are referred to as public theme files. Public static files are published to the /pub/static/frontend/<Vendor>/<theme>/<language>/ directory and its subdirectories. 


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