Aoe templatehints

Aoe_TemplateHints or Magento Advanced Template Hints 2.0

Author: Fabrizio Branca




  • shows all blocks (and not only the blocks inheriting from Mage_Core_Block_Template),
  • show the cache status of blocks (cached, uncached or nested in a cached block),
  • add much more useful data depending on the block type (e.g. template file or cms block-id – check the original blog post for a reference),
  • cleans up the visual appearance of the template hints,
  • can be triggered without changing configuration settings in the backend
  • …and is much more fun to use

Color meaning:

  • A red border means that the block is not cached.
  • A green border means that this block is cached. The popup will contain some additional information on cache key, lifetime and tags.
  • A yellow border means that the block itself is not cached, but it is nested in a cached (green) block that will implicitly cache this block as well.

The template hints will be activated by appending the parameter


to the url or passing this parameter in a cookie. In addition to this the current ip must match the configured dev-ip settings.

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=”; xmlns:dc=”; xmlns:trackback=””&gt; <rdf:Description rdf:about=”; dc:identifier=”; dc:title=”Aoe templatehints” trackback:ping=”″/&gt; </rdf:RDF>

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