Related products, up-sells, and cross-sell

For each product you create in Magento, you have the opportunity to attract additional purchases from customers by linking products together. These crosslinks allow you to encourage shoppers to consider buying more products than the one they’re reviewing. In the bricks-and-mortar world we’re constantly bombarded
with similar promotions. For instance, if you go into the grocery store, you’ll often find small, red coupon machines hanging off the shelves, encouraging you by their flashing red light to pull a coupon out while you’re reaching for the canned peaches you came for. Throughout the store, placards and banners promote “2-for-1” specials or “buy 1, get 1 free.” The area around the checkout lane is crowded with magazines, razor blades, batteries and gum, put there to catch your eye just as you’re about to leave the store.
In a similar fashion, Magento allows you, the store administrator, to encourage shoppers to spend more during their online visit using related products, up-sells, and cross-sells. All three types are managed within the Product Detail screen.

Each of the following product selling features are configured in the Product Detail screen under the Advanced Settings section. Each one has particular features and purposes.

Related products

Related products are those which you wish to present to customers as additional purchases to include when adding a viewed product to their shopping cart. In other words, if a customer is interested in product A, they may also want to purchase product B and product C at the same time.

Upsell products

By contrast, upsell products are those to be considered as alternatives to the product the customer is viewing. That is, if the customer is interested in product A, they might instead consider product B. Not as an additional purchase, but instead of purchasing product A.

Cross-sell products

Cross-sell products are presented to your customer on the shopping cart page. For instance, if you want to encourage the purchase of an extended warranty, you could add it as a cross-sell product and it would be presented on the shopping cart. Your customer can add it to their order directly from the shopping cart.


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