Start Automated Code Analysis for Your Project

We’re a big company with many teams and many developers in each team.

We work on many projects at the same time, sharing the existing code and creating the new one. Some of that code is legacy, some follows best practices, some better be optimised and rewritten.

It brings us to the idea of checking the quality of the code continuously, and there are tools that help developers do that on a regular basis.

Automated Code Analysis Tool

We present you an Automated Code Analysis Tool we built. It’s built using

  • Bitbucket as a holder of all code and project repositories, and the build repository we create to send it to Scrutinizer
  • Aja/Composer as a builder of the build repository
  • Dedicated Jenkins job server, that triggers building a build repository on a regular basis
  • Scrutinizer, that does the rest of magic: it analyzes the code, reveals issues, report them, tracks progress on issue fixes, a lot more.

As a bonus, Scrutinizer creates a badge for your project you can use as an indicator of your project code health.

Call for action – start using Scrutinizer

Are you up to have your Magento 1 project checked by our tool? Easily done. 

You just have to follow two simple steps below:

  1. Sign up at Scrutinizer with your Vaimo email address (
  2. Ask Eugene Ivashin for further help. He will do the following for you:
    • Add your Scrutinizer account to Vaimo Organization
    • Create a job at our dedicated job server that will
    • Setup a project in Scrutinizer that will perform your built project check on a regular basis.

Before applying to use Code Analysis Tool for your project, make sure that vaimo/vaimo-composer-utils package in your composer.json is at least 0.16.1. If it’s older, please update your AJA project.


We have created a global configuration file in Scrutinizer that defines all checks and code analysis rules for every Magento 1 projects we maintain. It’s quite a big list of checks, plus Scrutinizer recognizes Magento 1 structure and code style. Even though you will have an access to all Vaimo projects at Scrutinizer, you shouldn’t modify it, as we aim to have same criteria for all our projects, and will overwrite your custom profile from the global configuration.

Consider reading about the PHP Analyzer the Scrutinizer is using to perform checks, there is a lot of valuable information there:



PhpMetrics provides various metrics (list of metrics) about PHP projects.


Project website:


How to install and run

composer require phpmetrics/phpmetrics

php ./vendor/bin/phpmetrics –report-html=myreport .

(refer to for details)


Demo site with results