PART 1.2.7 – Translations

Theme translations

A theme dictionary can be added inside the i18n folder of your theme:




<h3><?php echo __(‘Create Backup’) ?></h3>

String containing variable: <h3><?php echo sprintf(__(‘Hello %s’), $yourVariable) ?></h3>

Knockout templates

When a string is added in the scope of an HTML element:

<span data-bind=“i18n: ‘Sign In'”></span>


When a string is added with no binding to an HTML element:

<!– ko i18n: ‘You have no items in your shopping cart.’ –><!– /ko –>

Strings in js

Define mage translate to be able to use it:

define ([‘jquery’, ‘mage/translate’], function ($) {…});


 Then use “$.mage.__” before the string to be translated:



If a variable is included:

$.mage.__(‘Hello %1’).replace(‘%1’, yourVariable);